Wound Care in a Pandemic

The medical field is forced to take an alternative approach to traditional care during COVID-19. The unpredictable times we are living in demand extra care and precautions. To learn about wound care in a pandemic, keep reading.

gel forming wound care

Patients who are hospitalized for COVID-19 have an increased risk of skin irritation and wounds. This is because patients must spend their time in bed hooked up to tubes, drains, and/or breathing apparatuses. When remaining in these positions for long periods of time, patients can get bed sores and ulcers.

Ulcers do not always occur in the typical locations. It is actually possible for ulcers to grow on the stomach, genitals, knees, toes, face, and mucous membranes as well. It is important that a professional evaluate any skin irritations on a patient to be sure the irritation is not an ulcer.

When caring for a wound, it is important to wear a mask. Step one in helping someone with a wound is masking up. Not only can this help you stay safe, but you can also protect the person you are caring for. When wearing a mask, be sure the mask covers your nose and mouth. It should also seal off at the bridge of your nose, the sides of the face, and the space behind the ears. When not caring for someone, stay at home and wash your hands. Sheltering in place and keeping your hands clean slows the spread of COVID-19.

Being flexible and adaptable is nothing new for medical professionals and caregivers, but we are still living in a “new normal” at this time. If you are in need of wound care supplies, you can shop with Sarasota Medical Products. If you have any questions about our products for businesses or consumers, you can call us at 941-377-1451. We hope you will consider us for your medical needs.