Guide to Ostomy Accessories

Ostomy accessories can improve your experience with ostomy care. While these accessories are an optional part of your experience with an ostomy bag, they can offer convenience and comfort. There are different accessories designed to assist with different aspects of having an ostomy bag, including eliminating odor, sealing the skin, and adding security to the bag. Continue on for a guide to ostomy accessories.

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Basic First Aid

Basic first aid is important before hospital care is received. First aid helps to stop bleeding and to prevent infection, and as a result, promote healing. Sarasota Medical Products provides basic tips on handling open and closed wounds at home below.

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Growth Factors in Wound Healing

Our skin acts as a barrier that protects our internal bodies from exposure to potentially harmful bacteria and other external dangers. However, unfortunately, wounds are a common occurrence. Whether they are small wounds caused by acne or a slip of the hand while at the chopping board, or bigger wounds caused by a serious accident or surgery, the wound healing process is complex and involves growth factors.

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Changing an Ostomy Pouch

The mission of Sarasota Medical Products is to empower patients to confidently manage their lives. For the past ten years, we have been designing and manufacturing special adhesives and other products for wound care, ostomy, and infection control. If you have recently undergone an ostomy, you may be having some difficulties getting used to the changes. To help you gain more confidence in changing your ostomy pouches, we have put together these tips.

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