Ostomy Care Accessories

Sarasota Medical Products has designed and manufactured ostomy care products which can be supplied both to businesses and via https://www.cymed.us to consumers. Here are some reasons you should be using ostomy products from Sarasota Medical Products.

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Our ostomy products are suitable for colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy patients. They include:

One-piece appliances — In one-piece systems, the wafer or skin barrier and the bag are joined. These units are discreet and can be pre-cut to fit.

Two-piece appliances — Two-piece systems allow the skin barrier to remain when the bag is removed, which can be easier on the skin.

Closed-end appliances — These are single-use systems that can be replaced as needed.

Drainable appliances — These systems can be drained as needed, allowing the bag to remain in place. Attachment can be made using clips, foam wire, adhesive wire, or Velcro tape.

Pediatric or small-size systems — These are smaller for children or discrete use, but due to the smaller capacity must be drained more often.

Stoma caps — Very discrete closed-end systems intended for short-time use.

Flanges, barriers, and tape — An ostomy wafer or flange is placed around the stoma against the skin and is used to attach the bag. Our wafers come pre-cut or can be cut to size with varying tape systems.

Our consumer products sold through Cymed Systems use our MicroSkin® hypoallergenic polyurethane film wafer system. It is comfortable, can be stretched up to 500%, and extremely durable at only 1/1000th of an inch thick. Since it is transparent it allows you to visually check the condition of your skin without having to remove it. It is also waterproof and will stay in place even when you shower or wash your skin.

For more information on our products or custom applications please call Sarasota Medical Products at 941-377-1451.