SMP INC simplifies choosing the design ostomy appliances for your brand. Ostomy appliances come in various types, styles, and sizes, and materials. We have many different materials, designs, and adhesive combinations to help differentiate your brand within the marketplace.

Generally, one-piece systems include a wafer (skin barrier with tape) and appliance. With two-piece systems, the wafer (skin barrier with tape) and the appliance are typically separate.

We designed and manufactured 100’s of appliance designs that include:

medical device adhesives


  • Drainable
  • Closed
  • Stoma Cap
  • Irrigation Drainable
  • Tap
  • One-piece
  • Two-piece


  • Colostomy
  • Ileostomy
  • Urostomy


  • Comfort panel material with multiple layer
  • Filter/No filter
  • Beige/Clear

Flanges, Wafer, Barrier with Tape

  • With tab tape (HC or Acrylic)
  • With kiss cut tape (HC or Acrylic)
  • Barriers for several different needs and environments.
  • Our patented 45mm two-piece coupling system.


  • Clip
  • Foam wire
  • Adhesive Wire
  • Rigid plastic stems interlock system

One-Piece Ostomy Appliances

In a one-piece ostomy system, the ostomy bag and skin barrier (wafer/flange) are joined. As one-piece ostomy bags are more discreet (compared to two-piece units). One-piece ostomy appliances can be pre-cut or cut-to-fit.

Two-Piece Ostomy Appliances

Two-piece ostomy bags are generally gentler on the skin as our barrier can remain in place for about 3-6 days. Furthermore, the ostomy bag can also be changed without the need to remove the skin barrier.

Closed-End Appliances

Closed-end appliances are intended for one-time use only and can be replaced as often as you wish. Closed-end appliances can be used every day or only at certain times.

Drainable Appliances

Drainable appliances are suitable for colostomies, urostomies, and ileostomies. The drainable appliance can be emptied as needed. Several appliance closures are available: Clip, Foam wire, Adhesive Wire, and Rigid plastic stems interlock system (Clean Velcro).

Pediatric/Mini Size Appliances

Pediatric and mini ostomy appliances are usually extremely discreet. Although they are less visible under clothing, they have a small capacity and need to be emptied more often.

Stoma Caps

Stoma caps are small, closed appliances that offer a high level of discretion. Stoma caps are only intended to be worn for short periods of time.

Flanges, Wafer, Barriers, and Tape

Ostomy wafers (also known as flanges or skin barriers), are adhered to the skin around the stoma and connected to the ostomy appliance. The size and thickness of the wafer depends on the shape and size of the stoma. Flanges come in pre-cut and cut-to-fit with different tape configurations.