Non-sterile skin barrier hydrocolloids Strip, Arcs, etc..

Our Skin Barrier strips can be used in many configurations, on top or under a pouching wafer. Under the wafer the skin barrier arcs can be placed directly on the irritated skin creating a smooth platform to adhere the pouch or wafer. Our Hydrocolloid skin barrier strips protect the skin from trauma caused by repetitive removal of tapes and adhesives. Over the wafer’s tape the skin barrier strips can be placed around the wafer to secure the edges from lifting, scrunching, or loosening to provide extra security. Skin barrier strips are an excellent replacement to waterproof tapes. These non-sterile skin barrier hydrocolloids Strip are a great tape alternative that can be customized with any formulation and any shape (1/3 arc, Y shape, C shape, C tapered shape, 2x2, 4x4, 6x6, 7x7 are standard and available).


We developed and sell pastes and sealants for many different companies. Our protective pectin-based paste that helps to prevent leakage and skin irritation around the stoma. Pastes are designed to provide an ideal seal for a safer fit and longer wear time. These pastes are filled into easy to squeeze tubes to help you get the paste out effortless and quick. Pastes can include alcohol for faster drying. Fast drying pastes seals and prevents skin irritation around the stoma and is great as a filler for those problem areas. We have developed no-sting barrier pastes that is an alcohol-free formulation to reduce the sting and pain caused by alcohol-based pastes.

biocompatible wound care


Our standard pectin-based powder is light and absorbent to wick and dry weeping skin. Protects and promotes healing of irritated or broken skin. When dusted onto the skin it absorbs moisture and enhances comfort and wear time of the appliance.

custom hydrocolloid developer

Cohesive/Moldable Rings/Seals

Our cohesive and moldable seals are rings shaped proprietary hydrocolloids that are ideal for any type of ostomy. These conforming seals create a secure seal at the base of the stoma and is highly absorbent. This formulation promotes longer pouch wear time and are easily removed from the skin. They are conformable and stretchable with a strong tack and require no cutting. This durable formulation does not melt down and it hugs the stoma with high adhesion to skin. It is ideal for any ostomy patient and is a great replacement for paste. We have standard 2” and 4” seals the range from 90mil thick to 180mil.

gel forming wound care


We developed and sell several deodorant formulations. Our proprietary odor eliminators help reduce order and empty pouch contents. Our clear formulation has fantastic odor control, contains no perfumes or artificial scents, can include a lubricating agent to empty the pouch faster and comes in a variety of viscosities.

In addition to these important ostomy accessories, we provide black zip lock bags in packs of 60 and natural pouch cleaning solutions to empower patients to confidently manager their lives.

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