Custom product development

SMP's design and development team has the background and experience to create and produce custom product solutions to meet specific customer needs and challenges. Our team has developed and manufactured products for customers across a broad range of market segments including, Ostomy, and Wound care. SMP follows exacting production protocols and QSR standards in order to provide our customers with the highest level of product quality.

Aside from our standard hydrocolloid adhesive laminate products, SMP also has the creative design capability to develop customized adhesive formulations in a variety of thicknesses and cover stocks.

SMP is working on a number of new technologies to meet the needs of our ever changing marketplace:

In the area of adhesive formulation, our researchers are developing an adhesive that delivers secure adhesion while allowing for gentle and pain free removal from friable skin.

With regard to active wound care intervention SMP has filed patents for the development of a vehicle that will allow for the controlled delivery of a variety of active substances to facilitate the healing process.

SMP is currently collaborating with a technology partner to develop a medical device to improve the healing of ischemic wounds.

In the area of infection control, SMP has developed proprietary technology for reducing the risk of contamination of catheter access ports.

SMP welcomes the opportunity to partner and openly collaborate with customers to identify, design, and produce solutions that meet the mutually agreed upon specifications of each project.

If you need to:

Outsource your manufacturing to a third party vendor

Add a line extension to your current product portfolio

Investigate potential partners to create a novel alternative to address a specific market need

Give SMP the opportunity to utilize their experience and expertise to engineer a cost effective quality solution (contact)