We are Sarasota Medical Products

Welcome to Sarasota Medical Products, a veteran-owned developer of unique hydrocolloid-based adhesives based in Sarasota FL. We began operation in 2010 and have experienced rapid growth with our ability to develop custom products for a wide range of customers and do it in a cost-effective manufacturing process that reduces labor costs up to 85 percent. This allows us to have a competitive advantage in the medical adhesives marketplace.

custom product development

Our products and competitive pricing offer our clients and patients peace of mind knowing that they will get quality products to give them a chance to heal and improve their lives. Our products serve both businesses and consumers:

For businesses, we offer:

  • Healthcare adhesive tape
  • Skin and wound care products
  • Ostomy care
  • Custom product development

For consumers, we provide:

  • Skin and wound care products
  • Ostomy care

What are the advantages of partnering with Sarasota Medical Products?

  • We offer complete turnkey solutions for medical-grade adhesive manufacturing
  • We offer contract and private label services for medical device distributors and marketers worldwide
  • We can develop unique and extensive ranges of product shapes and designs to suit customers
  • We can also offer customized packaging to meet customer specifications

Sarasota Medical Products has been announced as a finalist for the 2019 Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award for companies with less than 25 employees. The awards will be given based on several criteria: leadership, strategic planning, customers, measurement, analysis and knowledge management, workforce, and operations.

For more information about our medical products and services for businesses and consumers, please call Sarasota Medical Products at 941-377-1451.