Why Skin-Friendly Wound Care is Crucial

The importance of wound care was discovered early on in civilization. The ancient Greeks were one of the first groups to discover how necessary it was. In modern times wound care has transformed into a major role in any recovery process. If wounds aren’t taken care of properly it can lead to a much larger problem down the line. Here are some other reasons why skin-friendly wound care is so crucial to our health. 
healing wound care

How Do Wounds Heal?

Before we get started let’s take a look at some of the basics. Wounds can heal in two different ways called regeneration and scar formation. When regeneration occurs tissue that has been damaged is replaced by tissue of the same type. This process allows the area that’s been damaged to continue to function properly again. Scar formation differs because the same tissue doesn’t reappear. Instead, the damaged tissue is replaced by fibrous scar tissue which has different properties than the original tissue. 

Heal Quicker

There’s a well-known old wives tale usually told when it comes to treating wounds. You may have heard that wounds heal faster if left uncovered but in reality that’s just a myth. Following this rule can even cause more damage to your skin in the long run. While your wound is healing it should always be covered by skin-friendly products. Making sure it’s covered will allow your wound to heal quicker and return to normal. 

Eliminate Infection

Infections of any kind can be harmful to our health. Wounds that aren’t treated carefully can lead to further damage and infections. Skin-friendly bandages and other dressings need the proper attention and maintenance to do their job correctly. Wounds should always be cleaned once a day with a wound care disinfectant, clean water, or saline. Bandages and dressings should also be changed once a day. It’s a good idea to take note of certain things including your wound’s progress, temperature, bleeding, discharge, or smell, which could be warning signs of a potential infection. 

Prevent Scarring 

Skin-friendly wound care products can also help minimize scarring. It’s important to not let hard scabs form on your wound. You can keep the wound soft by applying things like antibiotic ointments or anything else prescribed or suggested by your doctor. Taking this step during the early healing process will save your skin from harsh scarring. 

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