Healthcare Adhesive Tape 101

When thinking of healthcare supplies, medical adhesive tape may not always be the first thing that comes to mind. The versatility of this tape makes it one of the most important supplies needed to help care for wounds. The main job of this surgical tape is to attach bandages, gauze, and other dressings to the skin around wounds. Let’s take a closer look at how it works and the types of healthcare adhesive tapes that are available.
medical adhesive tape

Healthcare Adhesive Tape 101

Before we learn about the categories of healthcare adhesive tape, let’s get into the basics. Most of these tapes are considered pressure-sensitive tape or in simpler terms tape that both sticks and stays in place with pressure. Nothing extra is needed for it to work such as solvents or heat activation. The tapes are made from many different materials but they’re all breathable and comfortable on the skin. 


Medical professionals have multiple types of healthcare adhesive tape to help care for different kinds of wounds as best as possible. One of the most popular is the durable cloth tape due to its flexibility and comfort. This tape will stick best to your skin without leaving any sticky residue. This is a great option for long-term use since it’s super breathable. There is even a tape category that can help with sports-related injuries. Zinc Oxide tape protects wounds and prevents soft tissue damage all while speeding up the healing process. It has great durability and can handle high levels of moisture making it a perfect protectant from sweat. 

Urgent Use

It’s crucial for medical professionals such as EMS

or ambulance workers to have the best tape for urgent wound care. Transport polyethylene tape is the perfect option since it’s reliable and easy to tear making it efficient in emergencies. This tape sticks well to any surface even if there’s hair, blood, or water involved. The tape is made from breathable material which allows for the airflow needed for healing. Since it’s waterproof it won’t need to be removed in the shower or swimming during the healing process. 

Everyday Use

Micropore paper tape is one of the most commonly used healthcare adhesive tapes by all. It’s super gentle on all skin types and won’t leave any sticky residue behind. It’s also easy to remove so it won’t be painful on the skin. It’s both breathable to help the healing process and will stay in place for several days. Even though it’s not waterproof it will still be able to handle a certain amount of moisture or sweat. 

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