No-scar Wound Care Tips

Whether you’ve had an injury or recently received surgery, you likely have a wound. Caring for your wound is key. Not only do you want your body to heal from the wound, but you also want to reduce scarring. For tips on no-scar wound care, keep reading.
wound care
A scar is a marking on your body where a wound once was. Scars come from the tearing of the dermis, which is the lower level of the skin. The dermis is rich in collagen, which is the elastic fibers that keep our skin springy. When our body is injured, it naturally produces collagen. However, sometimes it produces too little or too much collagen. If too little or too much collagen is produced, a scar forms.

There are several types of scares. Atrophic scars are indented scars that are commonly caused by acne or chickenpox. Then there are hypertrophic scars, which are thick and raised from the skin. They’re usually red in color and appear within the bounds of an injury. Lastly, keloid scars are thick and raised scars that extend beyond an injury. These scars occur when too much collagen is produced after an injury. Some people are genetically predisposed to keloid scars.

To avoid scarring, you must follow several steps. First, clean the wound as soon as possible. You want to clean the area to get rid of any bacteria that can lead to an infection. Once you’ve cleaned the wound, cover it. When covering your wound, be sure to keep it moist. Using petroleum jelly when bandaging your wound can assist with the healing process.

During the healing process, resist the urge to move the part of your body that is healing. You also don’t want to pick your scab. Moving the area of your body that is healing can cause the scar to grow in width or thickness. Also, picking a scab prolongs the length of your injury and prevents the scar from healing.

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