Storing Your Ostomy Supplies

When it comes to storing ostomy supplies, each person will develop their own preferences. How you keep your supplies may be similar to how you keep your clothes or food pantry — some are organized, and some will be less structured. If you are just getting into needing ostomy products, here are some suggestions on how you might organize them according to your tastes.

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Together in Separate Boxes

In this method, you dedicate some storage in a hall closet or your bathroom. You can set up your supply boxes by type to keep them together. Add a small basket for other supplies such as scissors, tape, a mirror, or any special soaps or cleaning wipes.

If you don’t have enough shelf space, get a larger storage box and put all your supplies in the box. You can add smaller boxes such as shoe boxes to keep different supplies separate but everything will be in one place.

A tip — one way to keep from running out is to mark the last box with a pen or Post It note as a reminder to re-order.

The Quick Grab Method

This method uses a container like a small cooler or carrying box. Set up the supplies needed for a small number of changes and put them in separate plastic bags. Place any bottles or tubes with bags packed around them to keep them secure. You can grab the container and go when needed.

Another option is to buy a sewing or craft box that has adjustable dividers. You can use that box to organize a few changes and take it with you when needed.

A tip — If you are traveling, buy a few small nylon travel bags and set up one or two changes in each bag. That way you can grab a small number of changes in bags that are easier to transport.

Single Change Bags

This method has a bit more setup time because you will use plastic bags to set up individual changes in separate bags. This takes time but if you set up a lot of changes at one time you will won’t need to do this often. Put any extra supplies like wipes or scissors in a separate bag and then store everything in a box or basket that you can keep in a convenient place.

A tip — Put each change in the disposal bags that come with your supplies and you won’t have to buy a lot of plastic bags.

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