Different Types of Wound Care Dressings

Wound care and dressing technology have evolved beyond the days of Mercurochrome and a Band-Aid. The days of one dressing treat all wounds are over, but you may not be aware of the evolving technology. Let’s take a look at the different types of wound care dressings available today.

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A wound dressing is any covering that prevents infection and promotes healing. The important thing to note is that not all wounds are the same and therefore should not be treated that way. Wound dressings should also be chosen for the type of injury and the part of the body you are trying to protect.

Cloth — Cloth is very effective as the first layer of protection, particularly in areas of the body that need a dressing to conform to the body. A cloth can also be effective as a second layer to keep a different dressing in place.

Foam — Foam is a very effective dressing because it can absorb fluids while maintaining the correct amount of moisture needed to promote healing. The foam allows water vapor to move through the dressing without allowing the entry of bacteria.

Transparent — These are clear films that allow a wound to be visualized. This can be important if the doctor wishes to inspect a wound without having to remove the dressing. These dressings can be useful for incisions, burns, or other wounds requiring inspection.

Hydrocolloids — These are dressings that absorb liquids to create a gel that keeps a wound moist while it heals. They have self-adhesive properties that make them useful for a wide range of wounds. They work on all areas of the body since they are flexible and easily shaped to the wound area.

Hydrogels — Hydrogel dressings are suited for dry wounds that need additional moisture to heal properly. They work well with burns and other wounds that are necrotic.

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