Medical Adhesive Tape For Wound Care

Medical adhesive tape, also known as surgical tape, is used to secure dressings to the human body. Most of them are self-adhesive so once applied with a bit of pressure they will stay in place. Sarasota Medical Products specializes in hydrocolloid dressings using a variety of adhesive formulations.

custom product development

Our adhesive tapes fall into five categories:

  • High tack low absorption
  • High tack high absorption
  • Medium tack high absorption
  • Medium tack medium absorption
  • Low tack high absorption

When used in conjunction with our hydrocolloid formulations, our dressings have a wide range of uses including:

  • Ulcer wound dressings
  • Post-op surgical dressings
  • Foot and heel dressings for consumer markets
  • Central line or IV line dressings
  • Ostomy skin barriers
  • Adhesives for electrodes, catheters, or other incontinence products
  • Coverings for cosmetic products

Our adhesives are skin-friendly and provide the right amount of adhesion to give adequate strength to stay in place as needed. Sarasota Medical Products always follow precise manufacturing protocols and QSR standards to give all our products the highest standard of quality.

Along with the five adhesive tape formulations above, we can also provide custom design services to provide adhesive tapes and dressings to meet specific customer needs. These can include a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, and cover stocks. For more information on how Sarasota Medical Products can meet your needs for adhesive tapes and hydrocolloid dressings, please call 941-377-1451.