How Do Acne Patches Work

Acne happens to everybody. If you’re struggling with your skin, you are likely looking for a solution. Acne patches are one of the treatments designed to get rid of acne. If you are wondering how acne patches work, keep reading.

biocompatible wound care acne patches

Acne patches, also known as hydrocolloid patches, are designed to heal wounds. They help skin heal from the inside out, enhancing the natural healing process. An acne patch absorbs excess fluids surrounding a pimple, such as pus or oil. This protects your skin from absorbing the bacteria from the pus, oil, or dirt from your fingers. This makes a more sterile environment for your pimple, which can prevent scarring and speed up the healing process. When the patch is removed, you will likely see a flatter and less inflamed pimple.

An acne patch can also absorb any toxins that are trapped under your skin. Plus, when you have a patch over your pimple, you are preventing yourself from picking at it. If you go out into the sun with an acne patch on, you are also protecting your acne from the sunlight. All of these factors can speed up the healing process.

An acne patch is best for acne that is closer to the surface. If you have a small breakout, acne patches are for you. If you are struggling with deeper acne, such as large and painful pimples that are trapped under the skin, you will need stronger treatment than acne patches.

Pimples should not be picked, but it happens. If you do pick your pimple, you should make sure your skin is dry before applying an acne patch. While your skin should be dry, your pimple should still be oozing. Leave the acne patch on your skin overnight and remove it in the morning before you wash your skin. If after washing again, the pimple is still oozy, you should apply another patch.

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