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Sarasota Medical Products is here to empower patients to confidently manage their lives.  We can aid you with wound care, ostomy, and infection control with our professional and consumer products.  We offer a number of services including custom designs, contract services, complete turnkey solutions, and even customized packaging.  Read on to learn more about how beneficial connected medical devices are.  
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Connected medical devices offer improved treatment after diagnosis.  Monitoring patient health and progress is much easier when utilizing connected devices.  Not only is clinical data made readily available, but environmental and nutritional factors can also be tracked as well.  

Monitoring chronic disease is also made easier for clinicians utilizing our products and services.  Diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes must be monitored at all times.  Utilizing connective devices means the patients have less to worry about themselves as the data is constantly being transmitted to medical professionals who can intervene if needed.  This also reduces the need for patients to travel in some cases.  Loved ones can have access to patient information with their permission, making it easier to monitor by multiple parties, keeping them as healthy and safe as possible. 

Management of medical devices allows data to be gathered remotely.  Medical equipment must work 24/7, if any issues begin before the patient realizes, clinicians can utilize transmitted data to notify them and replace any worn out or malfunctioning parts.  Real-time information means you won’t have to wait for appointments and medical experts can assist their patients far more quickly and accurately.  

Finally, collected data allows for progress.  Understanding how patients use their devices and analyzing the information collected helps to improve the devices themselves.  This will also further the ability of clinicians to diagnose diseases and improve treatments over time.

Whether you’re a company looking to utilize connected devices with your patients or an individual with the desire to take a more hands-on approach to your medical care, we are here to help.  We are an innovative leader in the technology and manufacturing of many wound care, ostomy, and incontinence products.  Our products for business include health care adhesive tape, skin and wound care, ostomy care, and custom product development. Individual consumers can purchase products for skin and wound care as well as ostomy care products. Contact us for product information and consultations at 941-377-1451.  Our offices are located at 1451 Sarasota Center Boulevard in Sarasota, Florida.