Basic Wound Care Tips

Proper wound care can help the body heal with ease. Additionally, caring for a wound correctly can reduce the risk of infection. Here are some basic wound care tips.

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Deep or Gaping Wounds

First, if you have a deep or gaping wound, you may require stitches. If your wound is notably deep, seek assistance from a medical professional. Some bite injuries may also require care from a professional.

Non-Deep Wounds

If you do not have a deep wound, you can care for it at home. First, wash the wound thoroughly with clean water and mild soap. If there is any dirt or debris in the wound, be sure to remove it. Next, apply pressure to the wound to slow the bleeding.

Burn Wounds

If you have a burn wound, run cool water over the area or apply a cool, wet cloth to the wound. Do not use ice-cold water, as this can worsen the condition of the skin. If a blister forms, do not pop or drain the blisters.

Afterward, apply a thin layer of bacitracin antibiotic ointment or white petroleum to the wound. Then, cover the wound with a bandage. Remove the bandage twice a day to clean the wound with soap and water. After cleaning the wound, apply more ointment and a new bandage.

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Following these tips can reduce your risk of infection and help your body heal as efficiently as possible. If you’re seeking skin & wound care products, shop with Sarasota Medical Products, Inc. We are located at 1451 Sarasota Ctr. Blvd in Sarasota, FL. You can also contact us by calling (941) 377-1451.

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