No Scar Wound Care Tips

Scars are a huge source of anxiety as they cause many people to become self-conscious about their appearance. Sarasota Medical Products wants to take a brief look at some ways to better handle wound care so that you can do your best to minimize scarring.

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No-Scar Wound Care Tips

These are legitimate, medically-verifiable ways to address wounds and abrasions.



  • Keep the injury as clean as possible.


      • Open wounds are highly vulnerable to infection and all sorts of problems, including an unsightly scar. Gently clean the wound with mild soap and water.


  • Petroleum jelly is useful for moistening the wound and encourage healing.


      • The purpose of petroleum jelly is to bring moisture to the abrasion and reduce the likelihood of scabbing. If a cut produces a scab, it’s much more likely to scar.


  • Utilize an adhesive bandage to keep the injury covered.


      • Just be mindful that when you do this, you must change the bandage daily. You can also use hydrogel for more substantial injuries.


  • Some wounds are large enough to require stitches. Follow doctors’ advice on caring for stitches carefully.


      • There are several ways to prevent scarring from stitches . Among the most important: never scratch your stitches, don’t swim with them, cover them when you shower, and avoid dirty activities around the wound site.


  • SPF 30 sunscreen can ward off the negative effects of sun damage.


    • Our skin is vulnerable to aging and wrinkles from too much sun. When you factor in a wound site, things are even more problematic. Too much sun can worsen the chances of incurring a scar once your wound heals.


This is the kind of advice you would get from your dermatologist as well. Following these simple self-care steps can greatly enhance your recovery and thwart the onset of scarring.


Don’t forget that there are many types of scarring as well as a myriad of ways to sustain them. We’re here to help you address the problems and pre-empt them as much as possible.

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