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According to the United Ostomy Associations of America, in the United States, each year, there are between 725,000 and 1 million people who live with an ostomy. Yet, despite the many people who live with an ostomy and how much attention this way of life has gotten in recent years, there are still many misconceptions.

Cymed ostomy pouch system

For example, using an ostomy pouch system is not as daunting an experience as you would think if you utilize the correct one. So with that said, consider heading into the new year with Cymed and our unique ostomy pouch system. Should you like to learn more about this product and why it could benefit you, continue reading.

Why Choose A Cymed Ostomy Pouch System?

There are a few reasons you should choose to use a Cymed Ostomy pouch system. Our innovative and revolutionary MicroSkin technology is used in all our Cymed ostomy pouch systems, which means you will benefit regardless of which pouch system you use.

It’s Comfortable

There is nothing worse than using an ostomy pouch system that is uncomfortable and harsh on one’s skin. Not only can an uncomfortable ostomy pouch cause skin irritation, but it can make performing daily tasks difficult.

Since the MicroSkin on our ostomy pouch system is made to be latex-free, it is hypoallergenic and instead consists of a polyurethane polymer film.

It’s Durable

Other ostomy pouch systems are not made to be durable and thus break easily, which can lead to compromising situations and uncomfortable conversations. That’s why it’s crucial to use an ostomy pouch system that you know is durable and that can secure your pouch effortlessly. Our MicroSkin adhesive supports the pouch without needing tapes, glues, or belts.

It’s Easy To Apply

Using an ostomy pouch does not limit the activities you can do. Often you won’t need to change your way of life and can continue to be as active as you once were. Some ostomy pouch systems can make life difficult and prohibit active activity because they are not easy to use. You won’t have this issue with a Cymed ostomy pouch system. Our system is easy to apply and can be done in four simple steps.

Additionally, since the MicroSkin can stretch up to 500 times, it is easy to use and place, and you can get a comfortable fit while wearing it.

It’s Waterproof

With some ostomy pouch systems, you would not be allowed to swim or get them wet, but with the Cymed MicroSkin ostomy pouch system, this isn’t a problem. It will stay on no matter what water activity you are participating in. Once applied, you can swim with it, shower, and even have it on while in a hot tub.

It’s Barely Visible, Thin, and Breathable

Many prefer their ostomy pouch to be as invisible as possible while still feeling comfortable and secure. The Cymed ostomy pouch system delivers this as it is barely visible and stretches and moves with the wearer’s skin. You won’t feel too much of a pulling sensation, nor will it feel like it will fall off.

In addition, this pouch system is also moisture vapor permeable to ensure healthier skin.

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As you’ve learned, the Cymed ostomy pouch system is a great solution for maintaining an active lifestyle without barriers. So why not step into the new year by investing in a pouch that will give you the freedom you deserve?

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