Wound Healing Process

Wound treatment is an integral part of the healing process, and using gel-forming wound care products from Sarasota Medical Products is a key part of successful wound healing. Wounds heal over time through a series of steps:

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Hemostasis — The first steps involve getting bleeding to stop. The body will constrict blood vessels near the wound to reduce blood flow and send platelets to start the clotting process.

Inflammation — Some inflammation is a normal part of the healing process. Once bleeding is under control, the body will enlarge blood vessels going to the wound site. This brings white blood cells that can destroy bacteria and other foreign invaders. This stage is why a wound will often feel warm and appear red for a while.

Proliferation — This is the first step in repairing the wound site. New blood vessels begin to grow as collagen forms to bind the wound area and pull it tighter, thus allowing the open wound to close. New skin begins to grow to finish closing the wound.

Maturation — Depending on the size of the wound, this step can take months or even years. The new skin continues to strengthen and heal. Over time, the wound will fade to a more neutral color.

Several factors can slow the wound healing process including dead skin cells, infections, lack of mobility, medical conditions of the patient, age, medications, inadequate nutrition, smoking, and other factors.

Always wash your hands carefully before treating any wound. Carefully wash the wound to remove any dirt or other debris. Gently dry the wound but don’t rub it. Then apply Sarasota Medical Products’ gel-forming wound care products. This will keep the wound at an optimum moisture level because dry skin takes much longer to heal. Covering the wound also reduces the chance of a secondary infection.

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