Hydrocolloid Dressings

You may have heard of hydrocolloid dressings, but what are these unique bandages, what do they do, and how do you use them? If you are interested in learning more about hydrocolloid dressing, keep reading for more information.

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Hydrocolloid dressings are designed specifically for wound care. The dressings maintain the optimal healing environment for a wound, while also protecting it. The body’s enzymes can heal the body, while the dressing absorbs wound exudate and forms a gel over the wound site. The waterproof and comfortable dressing can assist people with their wound care treatment.

There are several advantages to using hydrocolloid dressings during the healing process. For one, they provide the optimal healing environment and let your body’s enzymes get to work. Additionally, they protect your wound from bacteria and other contaminants. The dressing doesn’t stick to the actual wound, but rather the healthy surrounding skin. This gives your wound room to breathe and heal. The dressing can also stick to the skin longer than most other dressings, so you don’t have to stress yourself out with frequent changes.

To apply a hydrocolloid dressing, wash your hands and put on a pair of surgical or exam gloves. If necessary, cut your dressing to fit your wound. Then, use a saline solution to clean the wound site and the surrounding skin. Pat your skin with sterile gauze and then remove your current gloves and replace them with new gloves. After using a quality moisture barrier on the surrounding skin, you can remove the backing of the hydrocolloid dressing and adhere it to your skin.

Removing the dressing is easy. If you choose to take it off before it naturally falls off, gently press down on the skin at the edge of one side of the adhesive border and lift slightly. Then, slowly lift the edges and continue to do so until the adhesive is free from the skin.

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