What is a colostomy?

A colostomy is an opening in the abdominal wall created by surgery. A colostomy is usually needed because a person’s colon is not working properly. The colon may not be working properly because of a health problem or a disease that required part of the colon to be removed. Sometimes a colostomy is used for a short period of time to help a person recover from a health condition. Other times, a colostomy is a permanent part of a person’s life.

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Colostomies can range in size and location on the stomach. A nurse assisting with your surgery will help determine the best location for the colostomy.

A colostomy changes the way your body passes stool. This is because a colostomy requires the colon and rectum to be disconnected or removed. When you receive a colostomy, the anus is no longer the exit for stool. Rather, the stool is passed through the colostomy. Those who have a colostomy need a colostomy bag to collect stool. This bag is to be emptied and cleaned on a routine basis. Other than the disconnection of the colon and the rectum due to a colostomy, the body’s intestines function as normal, absorbing necessary nutrients and keeping you healthy.

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