Get a Good Night’s Sleep with an Ostomy

When you’ve just got an ostomy done, adapting to this major life change takes a considerable amount of time and patience. While you might have expected to be put into this situation, that doesn’t mean that a limited quality of life is in the cards for you. Hundreds of people have this procedure every year and retain the ability to live their life to the fullest potential. When you’re still new to this life change, many things that once seemed normal now seem difficult. While that may be the case, they’re not impossible. One of these is having a full night’s sleep, worry-free.
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Dietary Measures

One of the best things you can start before your ostomy is take certain measures and change your diet. If you implement these changes before your procedure, it will be one less thing to adjust to once you get home from the hospital. The best step you can take is to increase the amount of water you drink. There are a lot of foods you can eat during recovery that will be beneficial.

  • Lactose-free dairy products
  • Yogurt
  • Lean animal proteins
  • Small amounts of nuts
  • Cranberry Juice
  • Pasta & Rice
  • Skinned Vegetables

No matter what you east throughout the course of the day, always remember to empty your bag or change it before bedtime. This will reduce the natural anxiety your body might be experiencing and any worry you have about leaks occurring throughout the night.

Ostomy Support Belts & Night Drainage Bags

One anxiety you might have during recovery involves your own personal sleeping habits. If you’re someone who moves throughout the night, you might want to consider purchasing an ostomy support belt. This support belt keeps your ostomy bag snug and close to your body and can help prevent potential leaks.

If you’re someone who’s had to wake up in the middle of the night to relieve yourself and you’re worried about this during recovery, a night drainage bag will be very helpful. Night drainage is also common for many people who have just had an ostomy bag. There’s nothing wrong about having some extra protection over you while you sleep.

Sarasota Medical Products

Having an ostomy is not the end of the world. You’ll be able to enjoy sports, go to work, and enjoy life as you always have. If you’re going to have this procedure done or know someone who is, Sarasota Medical Products can help you with everything you need to maintain a quality of life during recovery. The betterment of everyone is our philosophy. For further information visit