Basic First Aid

Basic first aid is important before hospital care is received. First aid helps to stop bleeding and to prevent infection, and as a result, promote healing. Sarasota Medical Products provides basic tips on handling open and closed wounds at home below.

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The three important steps in wound care are to treat, clean, and protect the wound. Cleaning prevents infection and should always be the first step in wound care. Treating involves using antibiotics and helps to prevent infection. Protecting the wound prevents any new infections and promotes wound healing.

Cleaning the Wound

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Always wear gloves especially if the wound is not your own. Stop any bleeding by applying pressure to the wound. Clean with mild soap and water and pat dry with a sterile gauze or a clean cloth.

Treating the Wound

Always seek a physician consult when using antibiotic ointments and follow the instructions on the packaging. Look out for any signs of infection including tenderness, redness, swelling, pus, and pain. Any of these signs should warrant a call to us immediately.

Protecting the Wound

Cover the injured area with a gauze pad or non-stick pad. Use medical tape to secure the pad and keep out any germs. Keep the wound covered and only change as per the doctor’s instructions.

Covered wounds heal free of exudates and allow for the migration of skin cells to form new skin cells. Covered wounds are also safe from infection when kept clean and changed regularly.

Open wounds on the other hand heal with scab formation and may scar. They also have a greater chance of scaring and re-injury.

We have all the products named above and more to ensure you are always prepared. We encourage you to always seek out medical care after your initial first aid. This will allow the doctor to do a thorough survey and assessment and administer systemic antibiotics if necessary.