Wound Care for Non-Healing Wounds

Chronic wounds that don’t heal require a unique type of treatment. Unlike wounds that do heal, non-healing wounds need their own specific protocol and care routine. Keep reading to learn about wound care for non-healing wounds.

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When a normal wound is healing, it uses a balance of healthy proteins and enzymes. When this balance is disrupted, that causes the wound becomes chronic. There are many reasons why a normal wound becomes chronic, including lifestyle, age, and other factors.

Once one can identify that a wound is chronic, rather than healing, they can begin to create a unique care treatment plan. Some chronic wounds can benefit from advanced therapies, such as skin substitutes, scaffolds, stem cells, tissue-based therapies, melanocytes, and epidermal substitutes.

Negative pressure wound therapy is another approach to chronic wound treatment. This therapy requires the wound be sealed off by a film dressing and connected to a suction pump to collect drainage. Sub-atmospheric pressure is applied to the surface of the wound, helping reduce the number of dressing changes required for wound care.

Antimicrobial dressings are also ideal for those with chronic wounds. These dressings are made with antimicrobial agents (like silver, medical-grade honey, polyhexamethylene biguanide, chlorhexidine gluconate, and dialkyl carbamoyl chlorine). An antimicrobial dressing can manage bioburden levels within the wound and inhibit protease activity.

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