What to Know About Hydrocolloid Patches

Hydrocolloid patches have been used for decades for wound healing. They provide a moist environment that allows wounds to heal properly from the inside out for faster healing and less scarring. They provide a means to absorb excess fluids from the wound while preventing the entry of dirt or bacteria from outside the wound area.

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The result of using hydrocolloid patches is a much higher likelihood of little or no scarring resulting from wounds. They also greatly reduce the chance of infection while the wound is healing. Patients typically also find that healing times are faster with hydrocolloids because they aren’t dealing with dry scabs that fall off and have to reform repeatedly during the healing process.

The use of patches also can reduce the tendency to “pick” at the scab or scratch it because it itches. The moist environment of the hydrocolloid coating prevents a dry itchy scab and therefore will normally result in less irritation. This promotes healing as well because the patient isn’t fussing with the wound while it is healing.

To use these patches correctly, place a patch over the wound area after carefully washing and patting dry the damaged area. Of course, using any wound dressing should be made with the advice of your physician because you may have a wound that needs to be treated differently. But if a hydrocolloid patch or dressing is recommended, remove it and reapply a new one after each time you clean the wound or if the patch becomes loose or dirty.

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