Ways to Prevent Ostomy Bag Odor

Many ostomates may fear the worst-case scenario – emitting unpleasant odors when out and about in public, at events, or even in the privacy of their own homes. As a result, those with ostomy bags may experience stress and anxiety as they fear their life-altering necessary medical item will get in the way of their social and intimate life. 

Fortunately, there are solutions for those struggling with this issue. Today, copious modern ostomy products are available on the market, all manufactured from odor-proof materials. This means there should be no odors unless there’s a leak or you are changing or emptying your ostomy bag. medical supply sarasota

So, if you are among the many ostomates concerned about ostomy bag odors, why not consult Sarasota Medical Products? They can provide all your ostomy bag and accessory needs to keep those pesky odors at bay, making the adjustment to your ostomy bag much more manageable. 

In addition, besides odor-proof supplies, there are a few ways to prevent ostomy odor, and we’ve discussed them in this article. 

What Is An Ostomy Bag?

If you’ve had an ostomy bag for a while, you can skip this bit, but we’ve given this medical supply a bit of backstory to help those new to the ostomy world. 

Although life after ostomy surgery may appear complicated, understanding and familiarizing yourself with the available products and tips can make the adjustment much more manageable. So, what exactly is an ostomy bag? 

An ostomy bag is classified as a medical-grade device used to collect and hold bodily waste following a colostomy or ileostomy procedure. Ostomy bags are designed to be comfortable and discreet when changed and maintained regularly. These medical-grade bags come in varying sizes and types to suit varying individuals’ needs.

Four Top Ways To Prevent Ostomy Bag Odor:

There is one prevalent common concern amongst ostomates – ostomy bag odor. The aroma that may be emitted can be embarrassing and bothersome for individuals with an ostomy bag. 

However, fear not; here we have provided four top ways to prevent ostomy bag odor and give you peace of mind. These top five ways include the following:

  • Try And Avoid Digesting Certain Beverages And Foods

After ostomy surgery, you must pay attention to your consumption of different kinds of foods and beverages. Individuals with an ostomy bag can face certain complications depending on their consumed foods and drinks. As a result, it is recommended for ostomates to avoid large quantities of fluid intake and drinks high in alcohol and caffeine. 

Similarly, it is best if ostomates avoid consuming spicy foods or those with high fiber or acidity content. Foods with high fiber content and spicy foods often lead to excessive gas, which can lead to ostomy odors. 

However, before doing anything drastic to your diet, it is advised to consult with your healthcare professional to learn what you can and cannot eat.

  • Use Odor Eliminators

If you are still facing issues with odors after monitoring your beverage and food intake, then it might be time to consider an odor eliminator. 

Although there are products to eliminate ostomy odors without necessitating dietary changes, an odor eliminator is likely your best bet. 

Odor eliminators are manufactured in various forms, ranging from sprays to drops and tablets, so it is best to try a few different options to find what works best for your needs.

  • Use A Filter In Or On Your Ostomy Pouch

If you have an ostomy bag or are in the process of getting one, it is essential to note that these bags can sometimes fill with odorous gasses. 

If not released, these gasses can increase pressure, causing your ostomy bag to swell, thereby increasing the risk of potential leaks. 

Luckily, you can safely and conveniently release the gas using an odor-reduction filter in or on your ostomy bag. Several filter-integrated pouches exist today. However, for those ostomy bags without an integrated filter, you can simply purchase and apply one before wearing your ostomy bag.

  • Empty Your Ostomy Pouch Regularly

One of the most straightforward methods to eliminate odors from an ostomy bag is to have it emptied regularly. Your ostomy bag can build up bodily waste without consistent emptying, leading to more pungent odors. Therefore, to control your bag’s odors, it is advised to empty your pouch once it reaches around ⅓ or ½ of the way full. 

If you decide to forgo emptying your pouch, it can become weighed down, causing the seal to loosen and waste to leak out. 

Additionally, based on your food and drink consumption, you should know that your ostomy bag will need emptying between one and three times daily. Yet, it is essential to remember that different ostomy bags require different or more frequent care.

Speak To Sarasota Medical Products Suppliers For Ostomy Bag Odor Prevention

For individuals who have had ostomy surgery recently or are experienced ostomy users, most will understand the noises and aromas that can be emitted, often leading to embarrassing scenarios. However, life with an ostomy bag can be successfully managed by monitoring food and drink intake and using the right products and accessories to care for your pouch.

Along your ostomy journey, you will need skin prep essentials, ostomy pouches, stoma powder, and ostomy flanges to get the most from your pouch. However, to get the most out of your ostomy bag, you must choose medical grade ostomy supplies and accessories manufactured to the highest quality and standards; enter – Sarasota Medical Products.

At Sarasota Medical Products, we are dedicated to providing top-quality ostomy products, accessories, and support systems to help improve the lives of ostomates by preventing leaks and odors. Contact us today to check out our selection of ostomy supplies. We can help you save money, hassle, and time along your ostomy journey.