The Proper Way to Empty and Clean an Ostomy Bag

For many people, the prospect of having a stoma seems like a punishment. And while it might take some getting used to, many people find themselves enjoying the same quality of life they did before the procedure was done. The feelings of dread and misery often associated with a stoma procedure are usually misconceptions, nothing more. After a stoma procedure, you’ll be outfitted with an ostomy bag. And while it will take some getting used to, it’s rather easy to become accustomed to its daily use. A major part of having one is emptying and cleaning it. In this instructional guide, we’ll go over the procedures step-by-step. 
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Emptying the Pouch 

When it comes to emptying the pouch, the first step is to prepare the toilet. Place tissue paper or a toilet seat cover over the seat and sit either on or in front of the bowl. After removing the push, carefully position the pouch over the toilet and exercise caution so as to not get any of the bodily waste anywhere else besides the toilet. Hold the pouch from the bottom and bend over the toilet to avoid splashing. Finally, slide your fingers down the pouch to push the waste into the toilet. 


Cleanliness is one of the most important aspects when adjusting to life with a stoma. Once you’ve pushed the stool into the toilet, take some toilet paper and clean the inside and outside of the opening. Flushable wipes are very good to use in this instance, as they’ll help eliminate any unsightly odor. Carefully inspect the pouch for any tears and holes. These can occur from time to time. If you notice any, discard the pouch and replace it with a new one. Once the pouch has been closed, wash your hand thoroughly with soap and water, as you’ve just had your hands in close proximity to bodily waste. 


After a month or so of having an ostomy bag, you’ll become accustomed to the procedure of emptying and cleaning your bag on a regular basis. You’ll also find your body slowly becomes accustomed to its diet and you can begin to develop a schedule with going to the bathroom and cleaning up. Before you know it, you’ll be able to enjoy many of the activities you once did before your stoma procedure. 

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A stoma is not the end of the world. Getting used to it might take time, but your life will be as enjoyable as you wish it to be. At Sarasota Medical Products, we’ve helped Florida stay healthy, no matter what procedure they’ve recently had. For more information about our products and services, visit us at