Super-Absorbent Wound Care

Proper wound care is key to helping the body heal. Different wounds require different forms of care. It is important to be aware of the type of wound you are attempting to treat, as well as what types of dressings are most suitable for the wound. To learn about super-absorbent wound care, keep reading.
super-absorbents wound care
There are two main types of wounds: regular wounds and chronic wounds. Regular wounds produce reparative exudates that support extracellular matrix production. On the other hand, chronic wounds contain inflammatory-producing exudates with cytokines and proteases that maintain the inflammatory phase. Because of this, chronic wounds are much harder to heal.

This is where super-absorbent dressings come into the picture. Super-absorbent dressings have a higher absorption capacity than regular dressings. Specialty super-absorbent dressings also have a non-adherent and hydrophilic wound contact layer that is woven in with an absorbent core. This core consists of highly absorbent fibers that are sometimes derived from cellulose. One can wear these dressings under compression wraps for long periods of time.

Some examples of chronic wounds include abrasions, lacerations, burn wounds, incisional and graft sites, pressure injuries, and venous ulcers. If you are trying to treat any of these types of wounds, super-absorbent wound care may be required.

Super-absorbent dressings can help heal these types of wounds because they easily bind and become locked in. This allows the dressings to wick away harmful bacteria and inflammatory mediators. Additionally, these dressings can absorb large quantities of exudate, while also keeping the exudate locked within the dressing core, allowing the wound to heal properly.

If you have a chronic wound, you may already know that the healing process can be long and difficult. Using traditional dressings for your wound can get expensive, especially if the dressings are not designed with your wound in mind. That is why super-absorbent dressings are more cost-effective. Even if it is expensive to purchase the dressing, you can use it for extended periods of time. Additionally, because these wraps are designed with your needs in mind, they are more effective and can help you heal quicker, reducing your need to purchase new dressings.

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