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SMP is one of a select few custom medical grade adhesive
manufacturers that can offer a complete turnkey solution.

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SMP offers contract services and private label products to medical device marketers and distributors worldwide.

medical device adhesives

SMP contract services can develop an extensive, flexible and unique range of product shapes and designs to meet specific customer needs.

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SMP can customize packaging alternatives to address specific customer requirements.

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SMP’s team is dedicated to bringing us to the next level. With a ever growing list of full-time employees, SMP was a 2018 Florida Company to Watch and Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Awards finalist.

Latest News

What is a colostomy?

A colostomy is an opening in the abdominal wall created by surgery. A colostomy is usually needed because a person’s colon is not working properly. The colon may not be working properly because of a health problem or a disease that required part of the colon to be removed. Sometimes a colostomy is used for …

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Medical Adhesive Tape 101

Chances are, you have a roll of medical adhesive tape in your medicine cabinet, or you’ve seen some come into play at a sporting event. Sometimes referred to as surgical tape, this staple of the medical supply world has many different types and uses. If you’ve ever been curious about either, then it’s time for …

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Guide to Ostomy Accessories

Ostomy accessories can improve your experience with ostomy care. While these accessories are an optional part of your experience with an ostomy bag, they can offer convenience and comfort. There are different accessories designed to assist with different aspects of having an ostomy bag, including eliminating odor, sealing the skin, and adding security to the …

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How to Clean a Wound

Have you been wondering if you are cleaning your wounds the proper way? Sarasota Medical Products offers tips to make sure you are taking care of your wound right away. Read on to learn more.

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Basic First Aid

Basic first aid is important before hospital care is received. First aid helps to stop bleeding and to prevent infection, and as a result, promote healing. Sarasota Medical Products provides basic tips on handling open and closed wounds at home below.

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How Do Acne Patches Work?

Acne patches are one of the latest skincare trends. You may have seen acne patches on social media or in viral videos. If you’re interested in learning how acne patches work, keep reading.

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Disposing of an Ostomy Pouch

Disposing of an ostomy bag doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. In fact, with today’s products, most of them come with easy-to-use, disposal bags. Still, many new users (as well as those who have used inferior products in the past) may find themselves unsure or nervous about which types of bags to buy.

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Wound Care for Non-Healing Wounds

Chronic wounds that don’t heal require a unique type of treatment. Unlike wounds that do heal, non-healing wounds need their own specific protocol and care routine. Keep reading to learn about wound care for non-healing wounds.

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Selecting a Wound Dressing

There are so many dressing products available today that many clinicians and other medical professionals find themselves overwhelmed with the choices. And what about smart dressings that can serve multiple functions?

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Emptying Your Ostomy Pouch

For many people who have to use an ostomy pouch, one of the most inconvenient and sometimes difficult chores associated with it is emptying it. There are a number of different ways that you can do this, and no one way is right or wrong. It is whatever is easiest and quickest for you, personally.

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