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SMP is one of a select few custom medical grade adhesive
manufacturers that can offer a complete turnkey solution.

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SMP offers contract services and private label products to medical device marketers and distributors worldwide.

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SMP contract services can develop an extensive, flexible and unique range of product shapes and designs to meet specific customer needs.

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SMP can customize packaging alternatives to address specific customer requirements.

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SMP’s team is dedicated to bringing us to the next level. With a ever growing list of full-time employees, SMP was a 2018 Florida Company to Watch and Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Awards finalist.

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How to Choose the Right Medical Tape for Wound Care

It’s so crucial to select the proper medical tape whenever you need to take care of a wound. There are three kinds of tape to use for this task: 1) Paper Medical Tape, 2) Cloth Medical Tape, and 3) PE Transparent Medical Tape. Here’s how each of those works for addressing various cuts, scrapes, and …

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Best Antibacterial Wound Cleaners for Wound Care

Today’s wound care market contains an abundance of antibacterial wound cleaning products, giving you ample selection choices. Which are the best ones? While we can’t cover every single product in this space, we can show you the basics of selecting reliable cleaners, and identify a few popular brands. What are Wound Cleansers? Wound cleansers are …

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Advanced Wound Care Products

Today, we enjoy so many innovations in medical care technology that allow us to expedite wound recovery so much better than in previous generations. It’s a blessing to have the chance to heal wounds, avoid scarring, and improve skin quality following a major laceration or persistent skin problem. For our part, Sarasota Medical Products specializes …

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Choosing the Ideal Ostomy Bag

A common misconception regarding the ostomy procedure is that it immediately diminishes the quality of life of anyone who has to undergo one. While adjusting to life after an ostomy procedure might take some time, you’ll find that your life will be relatively easy, and you’ll be able to pursue the same activities you did …

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The Importance of Nutrition in Wound Healing

Wounds can happen for a variety of reasons. Whether your wound is from a disease, disorder, or injury, you need to care for the wound in order for it to heal. Part of caring for your wound is actually eating a nutritious diet. Keep reading to learn the importance of nutrition in wound healing. A …

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The Proper Way to Empty and Clean an Ostomy Bag

For many people, the prospect of having a stoma seems like a punishment. And while it might take some getting used to, many people find themselves enjoying the same quality of life they did before the procedure was done. The feelings of dread and misery often associated with a stoma procedure are usually misconceptions, nothing …

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Creating a Plan of Care for Wound Management

One of the biggest challenges that practitioners in the medical field face are wound management. To properly undertake a course of action, information must be gathered from sources and assessed to formulate a plan that will benefit the patient and promote healing. Communication and Documentation It was surgeon general C. Everett Koop who once stated …

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What are Hydrocolloid Dressings?

If you have a wound you are attempting to care for, you may be interested in hydrocolloid dressings. This type of dressing may be suitable for your specific type of wound. To learn more about hydrocolloid dressings, keep reading. Hydrocolloid dressings are a type of dressing that provides a moist and insulating healing environment for …

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Tips for Basic Wound Care

Were you aware that the skin is the largest organ of the body? Few people realize their skin’s importance and how unprotected a human body would be without it.  For instance, when you are wounded, your skin is broken, leading to a breakdown of your skin’s protective function. When your skin isn’t protected, infections occur, …

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Super-Absorbent Wound Care

Proper wound care is key to helping the body heal. Different wounds require different forms of care. It is important to be aware of the type of wound you are attempting to treat, as well as what types of dressings are most suitable for the wound. To learn about super-absorbent wound care, keep reading. There …

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