Minimize Your Scar with Your Wound Care

Scars are not something everyone wants to display. In fact, you may want to hide your scars all the time, especially if they are large. Did you know that if you care for your wound properly, you can reduce the size and appearance of your scar? Here is some more information about wound care to minimize scar tissue.

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Tips for Minimizing Scar Tissue

The biggest help you can give your wound is to keep it clean. You’ll want to wash your wound daily to keep it clean and free of infection. If at all possible, you are going to want to keep the skin moist by using petroleum jelly. If the wound is kept clean and moist, a scab will not form as deeply. While in many cases having a scab form is a good idea, if you want to minimize the scar, you don’t want a scab to form. Instead, you’re going to want the skin to heal without scabbing if possible. Also, scabs are dry and itchy, which might cause you to scratch and make your wound worse.

Once you have applied the petroleum jelly, be sure and cover the wound with a bandage. You’ll want to change the bandage over your wound every day to keep it as clean as possible. If you are allergic to bandage adhesives, there are other types of bandages available, such as hydrogel and silicone gel.

Finally, once your wound has healed, you are going to want to apply sunscreen on the wound every time you go out in the sun. That way, your skin will have time to heal properly before the sun’s rays hit it.

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