Hydrocolloid & Acne

Can hydrocolloid bandages serve as an effective acne treatment?

Yes, this has been part of our skin and wound care solutions for quite some time, and dermatologists have taken this approach themselves in many circumstances. Lately, lay, people, have even explored the concept with over-the-counter hydrocolloid materials.
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What are hydrocolloid bandages and why do they help reduce acne and other skin deformities?

Hydrocolloid & Acne

First, what are hydrocolloid bandages?

Hydrocolloids possess gel-forming agents that make it much easier for bandages to adhere to the skin. It’s a safer, hypoallergenic substance that doesn’t cause skin irritation or introduce other harmful side effects. We use it to make bandages of various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses.

So, why are patients using hydrocolloid bandages to treat acne?

Because these bandages not only protect an acne sore, (something that often bursts, gets infected, and worsens) but the gel substance actually cleanses it. Hydrocolloids form a protective seal over a pimple, and can absorb the pus or fluids that may spread around one’s face. If nothing else, it helps contain an otherwise contagious issue.

These special bandages also flatten and maintain moisture around the pimple, just as they would for any other wound location. This makes it much easier to minimize redness and inflammation. It also reduces a patient’s risk of acne scarring.

Popular Solution to So-Called “Maskne”

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, when most Americans wore masks several hours a day, folks began suffering from a skin condition dubbed “maskne.” That was the nickname for the acne that developed along the boundaries of peoples’ face masks.

Some savvy individuals devised a strategy of inserting hydrocolloid patches underneath their face masks to cleanse the particularly vulnerable spots. Popular accounts of this showed that it was an effective way to address the dreaded maskne and ward off perioral dermatitis (mouth/nose dermatitis).

Acne Dots from Sarasota Medical Products

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share some of our products for skin and wound care, which has the power to address this frustrating cosmetic condition. You can do spot treatment for pimples with our patented acne dots, a hydrocolloid-based material capable of protection, skin exfoliation, and faster healing. This is an effective solution we offer to skin-care professionals and patients alike.

You can learn all about hydrocolloid bandages, acne dots, and other reliable supplies by following Sarasota Medical Products. We hold patents on several products designed for wound treatment and ostomy care. You’re always welcome to reach us for questions by calling 941-377-1451.