How to Choose Ostomy Supplies

If you have a new ostomy after colostomy or ileostomy surgery, you may feel a bit overwhelmed about what supplies you will need. Your medical provider may provide some information about needed supplies, but there are a lot of products out there and they may not all be right for you. Sarasota Medical Products wants you to be as comfortable as possible with the supplies you use, so here are some tips on purchasing ostomy supplies.

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Your medical provider may have given you some samples of ostomy care products to start with. If you wish to try our products, Sarasota Medical Products sells our ostomy products through our website at We feature our MicroSkin® transparent hypoallergenic polyurethane-based film designed for comfort and durability.

When buying any ostomy supplies, here are some things to remember:

  • Obtain samples of any products first and try them on a part of your body away from your ostomy. If any products cause an allergic response then you will know without affecting the area around your ostomy.
  • Remember that you can mix supplies from different suppliers. Therefore our MicroSkin® film can be used with a different ostomy bag that suits you.
  • Talk to your ostomy nurse about other choices or what knowledge they have about good products to use. The ostomy team is very familiar with the marketplace and should be able to offer some suggestions.
  • Research online forums and consult sites such as The United Ostomy Association of America ( or The Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Society (

There is a wealth of resources available for new ostomy patients, so take your time and do some research on what options are available for you. For more information on Sarasota Medical Products or Cymed MicroSkin® products please call 800-582-0707.