How do Hydrocolloid Bandages Help to Create a Healing Environment for Acne Blemishes?

Acne is one of the most common and persistent skin irritations for millions of adults. Somewhere around 80% of adolescents and young adults (ages 11 – 30) will suffer some degree of acne. While you may already know it’s unhealthy and counterproductive to pop pimples, you may not have heard of some of this effective way to heal them faster.

This article will explore some ways hydrocolloid bandages can help sterilize blemishes the same way you would any other wound site.florida medical device companies

What are Hydrocolloid Bandages & How do They Work?

Hydrocolloid is a substance with superior moisture-retentive qualities, making it especially helpful for bandaging purposes. Medical professionals all over the country use these for an array of skin conditions. You can even harness hydrocolloid bandages to expedite wound healing.

These offer the proper balance of moisture along with plenty of insulative protection to prevent disturbances. There are even some translucent bandages, which allow you to monitor how well the healing has progressed.

Finally, there are other cosmetic advantages to hydrocolloid-based bandaging.

What do Hydrocolloid Bandages do to Help Against Acne?

Sarasota Medical Products make acne “dots,” which have become very popular because they allow you to cover and treat the problem without wearing an enormous bandage on your face. You’ll find more about this in our skin & wound care section regarding MagicShield acne control dots. They resemble a small patch, designed to protect and purify your skin.

Here are a few things you should know about hydrocolloid-based MagicShield dots: 

  • They can flatten and remove the impurities from acne locations (especially overnight).
  • These are clinically tested to smoothen the skin even after popping the blemish.
  • They’re also clinically verified to improve the overall appearance within just one night.

Other Terrific Purposes for Hydrocolloid Bandages

Besides these wonderful advantages for acne healing, what else can these bandages do?

Our products are safe and effective for healing minor burns, blisters, granular wounds, and other conditions where you must keep the location clean. Those hydrocolloid properties make a tremendous difference for avoiding infection when there’s an exposed abrasion or burn. That’s why there’s a consistent demand for companies, like ours, to manufacture these important items.

You can discover all about acne-fighting hydrocolloid bandages, ostomy care supplies, and more by partnering with the reliable professionals at Sarasota Medical Products. We serve patients and practitioners alike with our industry-leading innovations and patented items. Call us anytime to learn more at 941-377-1451.