Guide to Ostomy Accessories

Ostomy accessories can improve your experience with ostomy care. While these accessories are an optional part of your experience with an ostomy bag, they can offer convenience and comfort. There are different accessories designed to assist with different aspects of having an ostomy bag, including eliminating odor, sealing the skin, and adding security to the bag. Continue on for a guide to ostomy accessories.

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Some ostomy bags come with belt tabs, allowing for use with an ostomy belt. Some healthcare professionals recommend an ostomy belt to help with convexity and security. The belt is worn around your body in line with your stoma. These belts are washable and reusable for added convenience.

A lubricating deodorant designed for use with an ostomy bag can both eliminate odor and make emptying your pouch easier. To use this product, add a teaspoon of product to your bag. Rub the coating inside the bag and repeat it every time you empty or change the bag.

Sealing the area around the skin, filling the gap between the stoma and the skin barrier, and reducing skin irritation are all possible with ostomy accessories. Use a small amount of ostomy care paste to seal the area around the skin. Additionally, barrier rings can fill the gap between the stoma and skin barrier thanks to the stretch feature that adjusts to your body. Consider this product to help protect your skin and fill in any uneven skin areas. Lastly, stoma powder absorbs moisture on the skin to reduce irritation and assist with healing.

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