Growth Factors in Wound Healing

Our skin acts as a barrier that protects our internal bodies from exposure to potentially harmful bacteria and other external dangers. However, unfortunately, wounds are a common occurrence. Whether they are small wounds caused by acne or a slip of the hand while at the chopping board, or bigger wounds caused by a serious accident or surgery, the wound healing process is complex and involves growth factors.

no-scar wound care

When your skin is injured, your cells secrete growth factors and cytokines to aid in wound healing. Growth factors are signaling molecules that regulate the healing process, but for complex, chronic, and non-healing wounds, naturally occurring growth factors do not always function efficiently. That is when Sarasota Medical Products’ Skin and Wound Care products come to play.

According to WoundSource, “The topical administration of growth factors after debridement may also be a promising approach to treating chronic wounds. These growth factors can be found in several approved medications available for external use in the form of gels, creams, ointments, and solutions.”

Sarasota Medical Products has created hydrocolloid dressing adhesives that are made of naturally occurring substances that turn into a gel when they come into contact with wound fluid. These products are specially formulated to deliver proper cohesiveness without leaving behind any residue in the wound. The top layer of the dressing is additional protection that limits the impact of friction and shear, which can lead to ulcer formation.

In order for a wound to heal efficiently, there needs to be sufficient moisture. Sarasota Medical Products has developed a product called Magicshields that helps protect and heal minor wounds by reducing the bacteria in the dressing and maintaining adequate moisture levels in and around the wound. In this way, Magicshields helps wounds to heal naturally.

Our hydrocolloid dressing adhesives come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit all wounds. Here are our current options:

7 x 7 hydrocolloid
6 x 6 hydrocolloid
4 x 4 hydrocolloid
2 x 2 hydrocolloid
Acne dots
Custom shapes

These products are available for either business or personal use. If you have any questions about these skin and wound care products, do not hesitate to call Sarasota Medical Products at 941-377-1451.