Choosing the Ideal Ostomy Bag

A common misconception regarding the ostomy procedure is that it immediately diminishes the quality of life of anyone who has to undergo one. While adjusting to life after an ostomy procedure might take some time, you’ll find that your life will be relatively easy, and you’ll be able to pursue the same activities you did beforehand. The first step to adjusting is selecting the ideal ostomy bag. There is a variety to choose from, and depending on the type of procedure you’ve undergone, you’ll find that life will go on uninterrupted. 

The Bags 

There are three types of ostomy bags, each one unique and related to the type of procedure that one undergoes beforehand.


A colostomy procedure involves the large intestine being slightly repositioned to allow human waste to pass through the stoma and into a bag. These bags can handle liquid byproducts that result from this procedure.


Similar to the colostomy procedure, a colostomy involves the small intestine as opposed to the large one. Choosing a durable bag after this procedure is important, as liquid waste will be dispelled multiple times throughout the course of the day. 


This procedure is by far the easiest to adjust to. Urine is diverted from the small intestine to a stoma site. While it’s easy to adjust to, it does require a pouch that’s drainable at all times. 

The Variations of Different Pouches 

Now that we’ve gone over the different procedures that warrant the necessity of an ostomy bag, it’s time to explore the unique variations that accompany them. The main aspects to look for when you’re choosing a pouch are comfort and convenience. You’ll be wearing this close to your body throughout the day and draining it after you receive yourself of waste. 

Pouches typically come in one, two, and three-piece variations. If you’re unsure of which one will work best for you, consult a medical professional after your procedure. Depending on your body, they can also be adjusted in size to ensure comfort. Once you choose the ideal pouch, you might want to consider getting some accessories to help you adjust to life after your procedure. These include flanges and wafers to avoid skin irritation and protective coverings to allow for activities such as swimming. 

Sarasota Medical Products 

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