The History of Sarasota Medical Products

Sarasota Medical Products (SMP) is located in Sarasota FL and produces a wide range of novel medical device adhesives. We create unique formulations of hydrocolloid products and market through private label medical companies. The company was formed in 2010 and by 2018 was listed in the top 50 companies to watch in Florida. Additional recognition came in 2019 as a finalist for the Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence Award for small businesses.

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Stay Hydrated With an Ostomy

Maintaining good hydration is important for everyone. Proper water balance in your body allows it to operate properly with good joint lubrication, proper blood chemistry, to prevent constipation, and allows the body to transport nutrition from your intestinal system to where it is needed. When you have an ostomy some of this function is compromised, so proper hydration is more important than ever.

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Storing Your Ostomy Supplies

When it comes to storing ostomy supplies, each person will develop their own preferences. How you keep your supplies may be similar to how you keep your clothes or food pantry — some are organized, and some will be less structured. If you are just getting into needing ostomy products, here are some suggestions on how you might organize them according to your tastes.

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We are Sarasota Medical Products

Welcome to Sarasota Medical Products, a veteran-owned developer of unique hydrocolloid-based adhesives based in Sarasota FL. We began operation in 2010 and have experienced rapid growth with our ability to develop custom products for a wide range of customers and do it in a cost-effective manufacturing process that reduces labor costs up to 85 percent. This allows us to have a competitive advantage in the medical adhesives marketplace.

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