6 Tips for Swimming With An Ostomy

Swimming is a terrific activity for people who are recuperating from ostomy surgery as it exercises the entire body and you can move around at your own rate. Sarasota Medical Products offers six ways below to kick your fears to the curb and swim like you own the place.

A woman swimming with an ostomy bag

1. Choosing A Swimsuit

There’s no reason why you can’t find swimwear that is super comfortable and also looks fabulous on you based upon how your stoma is situated. There are specific swimsuits you can purchase that are designed to accommodate an ostomy. Additionally, beach wraps are chic options that are always in style.

2. Practice Wearing Your Swimsuit

Wear your bathing suit over your ostomy in the bath or shower at home to get used to how it looks and feels when you are in the water. The key to confidence while swimming in public with an ostomy is to first become comfortable with it in the privacy of your own home.

3. Securing Your Pouch

Your ostomy pouch is extremely unlikely to come loose while you are submerged in the water. To alleviate any concerns you may have, simply sit or lie in a full bathtub at home for a while to check that the seal remains close-fitting and doesn’t leak.

4. Getting Changed

Changing in front of other people in a locker room or changing area is never a wonderful situation for anyone. If you are self-conscious because of your ostomy, wearing a long shirt or fashioning a towel over your shoulder are two simple solutions. Better yet, just wear clothes over your swimsuit as many people often do, ostomy or not.

5. Diving In

Carefully inspect your ostomy to make certain that it is secure before diving into a pool. It is best to sport a tight swimsuit that will assist in keeping it secured correctly. Men have the option of wearing trunks that are snugly fitted with drawstrings around the waist.

6. Just Relax

Most people are self-conscious in a bathing suit no matter what. Put it out of your mind that others around you are going to zone-in on your ostomy and stare. Remember, people in general tend to be preoccupied about how they look in their own bathing suits. So just relax and have fun!

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